Never say, “I have nothing to wear” again – Make a New Year’s Wardrobe Resolution

nothing to wear

Ever rummage through piles of clothes, sliding past blouse after blouse in your closet, skirt after skirt in your drawers, and throwing up your hands exclaiming that you have nothing to wear? Every woman knows this feeling. Often times it’s accompanied by a clueless male, like a father, boyfriend, or husband scratching their head and redirecting you to your enormous wardrobe.

nothing to wearWhat a lot of men don’t realize is that when a woman says “I have nothing to wear.” what she is actually trying to say is “There is nothing here for who I am supposed to be today.”

nothing to wearThe reason that we, as women, experience this feeling on an unfortunately regular basis is because we tend to hoard clothes in our wardrobe that we don’t even really like. And when we do that, we always feel like there’s nothing to wear.

Men, on the other hand, are better at minimizing their bureaus to only the clothes they really want to wear, and hence, have a much easier time selecting their look for the day. They don’t save tops they never wear for that “just-in-case” event that they would probably end up finding something better to wear to anyway! They don’t usually keep clothes for their sentimental value, nor do they keep making room for their favorite pair of  size 2 jeans in hopes to fit in them later on.

We’re women. We love our wardrobe. But if we’re being honest with ourselves, we don’t love all of it!

You know that beautiful blouse that fits you just right, and you wear it every chance you get? Whenever you finish folding a clean load of laundry, that blouse is the first article of clothing to get dirty again? Well your wardrobe should be filled with blouses, dresses, shorts, skirts, jeans, leggings, jackets, and every other kind of attire that makes you feel the same way your favorite blouse makes you feel! It should be a joy and an excitement to get dressed every day, not a hassle and a chore. But how will you ever have the room for vibrant, stylish clothes if your dressers and closets are filled with these old, worn, outdated threads?

So we want you to make a New Year’s Wardrobe Resolution! Sometime during the first week of 2015, we want you to dedicate just a little bit (or a lot) of your spare time towards cleaning the heck out of that overstuffed closet. We know that this can cause anxiety and distress for many girls, so we’ve made a simple checklist in order to keep you focused and wise on what you still want and what is no longer serving you.

  • Did I wear this in 2014? If you haven’t put it on in a year, no matter what it is, toss it. You’re over it. That thing no longer serves you. Thank it for its efforts, and send it on its way!
  • Does this fit me? Sometimes we hold onto articles of clothing that are “really cute” but are simply too small for our bodies. This is a double threat piece of thread because not only is it taking up unnecessary space in your bureau, it’s also reminding you that you’re still not little enough to wiggle into it. Get rid of it! There are tons of awesome tops, bottoms, and dresses for your size, and if you do slim down later on, there will be more awesome tops, bottoms, and dresses for that size. Fall in love with the skin you’re in and the clothes that compliment your body best!
  • If I saw this in the store right now, would I buy it? If you were looking through the racks at your favorite department store in the mall, and you came across that top you’re holding (yes, for full price), would you rush to the counter with joy and excitement to purchase it? If you’re honest with yourself, and you admit that you probably wouldn’t, it’s time to move on.
  • Am I saving this for an event? A lot of times, we women justify “saving” an article of clothing because we could wear it if some specific event were to occur;
    “Well, this is something I could wear if I have an important interview.”
    “I’ll keep this just in case I have nothing to wear next Easter.”
    “I might wear this to a baby shower.”
    Cut that out! No! You won’t wear it! Because if and when these special events do pop up, chances are you will either buy something new, special for that event, or wear something that you already have but like way better. It’s time to part ways with that okay tank top. Let it go.
  • Am I saving this because it has sentimental value to me?  Women keep a lot of clothes because they have “meaning”. Girls hate the idea of throwing away the dress they wore to junior prom, their middle school cheerleading t-shirts, or their boyfriend’s old hoodie. There’s nothing wrong with keeping clothes that have personal value to you. However, they shouldn’t have a home amongst your regular attire, unless you are wearing it on a regular basis. This only bulks up your wardrobe and adds to the many items that are making you realize you have nothing to wear! Put these clothes in a spare closet, a storage box, or in their own drawer separate from your everyday wear. This will give your wardrobe space to breathe and expand more to your liking.

Don’t let cleaning out your closets be a drag. Make it a fun time! Enjoy the process and look forward to all of the wonderful new clothes that will take the place of these pieces that you don’t even really like. And don’t feel like you have to just let these perfectly intact items go to waste. Pull your best friend or sister over for the clean out and hand them piece after piece of “I don’t want this, I don’t want this…” and let them have fun picking some things they might like to try for themselves. You could hold a mini garage sale and make a few bucks for your useless clothes (and take it right to the store to buy some new ones), or you could donate them to any number of accepting charities and organizations! Have a blast with it. You’re going to feel so much better, not just when it’s done, but every single day when you’re no longer sifting through piece after piece that’s reminding you that you’re not finding what you’re looking for!

Happy Cleaning and Happy New Year!

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