Finding the Perfect Dress for the Holidays

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Sleigh Bells, mistletoe, lights all aglow! It’s a time of giving and a time of celebrating. And with celebration comes lots of holiday affairs! There are different types of get-togethers during this jubilant season, so it can get overwhelming trying to assemble the appropriate attire for each event. Luckily, we’ve got just what you need to turn heads (and antlers!) without looking overdone, underdressed, or too flashy.  Read on!

Counterfeit Dresses, Ladies Beware – how to avoid this growing problem

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An ongoing epidemic in the prom, bridal, and formalwear world is Chinese counterfeit dresses being sold here in the U.S. According to the American Bridal and Prom Industry Association counterfeit dresses, primarily from China, cost the industry about $300 million a year.

Your Guide To Family During Your Wedding (And All The Time!)

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Your wedding day is a celebration of you and your spouse. You recognize one another as husband and wife for the first time and rejoice in each other’s love. So it might be easy to forget that this day is really all about family. This is a day when two families come together, and the birth of a new family takes place. Families from both sides attend to show their love, support, and happiness for the couple, and they spend the entire day and night celebrating and making memories to last a lifetime.


2015 RockStar Prom Kick Off Party

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At some point in life or another, everyone has dreamt about being a RockStar! Everyone fantasizes about the amazing music, the flashing lights, the screaming fans, and seeing the world! Rockstars live such glamorous lives! Who doesn’t want a piece of it?


Three Surprisingly Afforable International Honeymoons

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Planning your post-wedding romantic escape is an exciting task, but it can add up in a jiffy! Hawaii, Italy, and Paris are surely high on every bride’s honeymoon list. But, being known for their popular tourism, those areas can cost a pretty penny. So we’ve created a list of alternative (and affordable) hotspots that can give you everything you’re looking for in an international honeymoon for half the price!

The Ultimate Wedding Roles and Responsibilities List

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So, you, your sister, your son, daughter, aunt, cousin or best friend is getting married! This is a pivotal and exciting time, but there can also be a lot of confusion and stress that comes along with being in a wedding party, especially if this is your first wedding. You might be wondering if you are doing everything you’re supposed to be doing. Are you doing more than you’re supposed to be doing?